Natural Deodorant That Actually Works

       Shopping for Deodorant can be very scary. There are many brands to choose from, and you don’t know if they work or not (it’s a high risk, high reward kinda game). All we want is to find a natural deodorant that actually works. The problem is that not all deodorants are equal. Most don’t work well for people, and they’re always searching for that “magic” formula that will help curb the underarm stench that sends the crowds fleeing. Most join the dark side and submit to the chemical-filled sticks and sprays. With antiperspirants and chemical-filled deodorants filling the market shelves, ladies and gentlemen, I understand why you buy the chemicals. Most natural deodorants out there do a mediocre job at fighting the smell or even keeping it at bay. What if I told you there was an all-natural deodorant out there that was good for you and worked like magic. 

My History with natural deodorants 

I can not tell you how many natural deodorants I have tried, and almost all of them sucked. I honestly gave up and joined the dark side. Then one day, one of my great friends was raving about this all-natural deodorant she found that not only worked and was healthy, but it came in the form of an clear spray. I immediately went and challenged and questioned it and was ready to disprove yet another natural deodorant again. I said, “Rebecca, how good can it be? Natural deodorants never work, it’s a fact.” Then Rebecca, in a relaxed voice, said, ‘try it’. So I borrowed this sleek, elegant-looking deodorant bottle (it’s honestly really cool and it seems like something out of a James Bond film) and donned the new natural deodorant. 

A Natural Deodorant that actually works

(I only use four sprays per armpit, but that depends on you and remember to follow the instructions label). I am utterly stunned by the results! It is like magic. It has no scent. The deodorant is a spray on. It is healthy and most of all, it WORKES!!! This deodorant is called liquid silver by O’DEO and It’s incredible.
Not only is it natural, it only contains four ingredients! O’DEO is crafted with just water, silver, zinc, and copper citrate. Organic citrates are biocompatible with the human body, making for perfected ingredients—NO aluminum, parabens, or allergens to mess with your perfect health. 

Health Benefits

While nasty antiperspirants block the lymphatic system and your pores, O’DEO lets the sweat release from the body naturally except, without the yucky smell! It’s so incredible that not only is it natural and not chemical filled, its good for you. It’s the deodorant I’ve been searching for, and soon going to be yours as well. Look, at the end of the day, synthetic chemical deodorants cause more harm than good. You’re putting harsh chemicals in your armpits over and over again. It’s a habit loop that is reinforced too many times. With O’DEO, there is no such worry.

 Give it a try and tell me in the comments about how incredible it is. They come in women’s, men’s (I know I used Rebecca’s but they’re all equal) and family packs for great prices. They also last a very long time. Stop wasting time, money, and precious health on yucky garbage—step-up your health and style with O’DEO liquid silver.

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