Why I started Blogging

Hello, my name is Edric Wilson. I have come to save your life (well, not really, but I have a lot of good ideas that will help you lead a happier, healthier life.), I have a passion for helping people find their health and happiness. you will learn right now how and why this all started. I will humbly admit that this is my first website. So I thank you for bearing with me. It all began a long time ago when a baby was born in Phoenix AZ (ok I will stop with the dramatic story format) I (Edric Wilson) was born and raised in beautiful Phoenix AZ. I grew up in a household that revolved around health. Everything was organic and completely natural. I was brought up super healthy, and I mean zealously healthy.

Growing Up

While most kids grew up watching Disney movies, I grew up watching programs on how bad the food industry was and the terrors of GMOs. I only got junk food if I snuck it at a friend’s house (our neighbors were not as healthy as we were) or as a rare treat. Naturally, I had a rebellious attitude towards healthy, nutritious food. I wanted that chemical-filled soda or chips to satisfy my hunger. So as I grew up, and went into high school, I had freedom of food choice (I was home-schooled as a child).   This freedom was like a banquet of doughnuts laid before me. So naturally, I feasted! and playing a lot of sports didn’t help my appetite either (so you can imagine how much I ate.) 

  So as the latter years came, I couldn’t help but observe some odd things. I realized that it was a guilty pleasure for me, but for most of the kids, they had no idea it was terrible. They heard that maybe overeating chocolate was bad, but they didn’t know about all the processed bread and cereal and all the sugar-filled garbage out there. I started to ask what my classmates or teammates or whoever it was what they thought of healthy food. The more and more people would say stuff like, “Gatorade is great for you,” or “I ate three bowls of cereal with skimmed milk for breakfast” I slowly backed away from the processed garbage and began reflecting.


Why I do what I Do

 I realized many people were brought up on inferior nutrition. First, it started with me helping or just giving pointers to overweight people or people who always complained about low energy, and then it was pretty much anyone I met. I then realized that people were giving me tremendously positive feedback they would say “I feel so much better,” or “I lost 2 pounds!” I decided to continue on the path my parents had laid before me, the path I had wandered off so many years back. Then I started to research and really dived into the world of natural nutrition. The first thing I discovered is that the Internet is confusing about health. Still, there is so much more to health than NOT eating chocolate and drinking soda. There are ways to add nutrients to your diet (supplements) if you can’t get enough from the food you’re eating. Finding Natural Nutrition is the light in the darkness of the Walmart chip aisle. Good health starts with proper nutrition.

  The point of Finding Natural Nutrition is it to help you find better nutrition and figure out which products are legit and which are not and to really find your optimal health (laughing along the way while you are finding it.) The Internet is a vast expanse of peoples opinions and facts intertwined. Searching the Internet for the right supplement or nutritional truth can be overwhelming and very confusing.

Internet Lies and Confusion 

Everyone wants to tell you their brand is the best, or that they know the perfect path. There are many right answers out there and great people helping spread the knowledge of health. I am talking about the brands that are lying and filling their products with junk and preying on the vulnerable. It’s really annoying to surf the Internet and find a supplement, then realize it’s got modified cornstarch or dyes or processed soy or is entirely synthetic. Like seriously, do you really think that belongs in there. (Sometimes I will drop my mug of hot tea in utter shock, at the audacity of these companies.) It’s time wasted and a headache. FEAR NOT! And don’t be led astray by the wayward ways of the Internet.

 Helping you for years to come

   This is why I created Finding Natural Nutrition, so you wouldn’t have to search for hours, or waste money or have to return your products. You can just find what you needed and be happy. Let’s be honest, I would have only helped family and friends if there wasn’t such a crisis in people’s health. Obesity is a horrible pandemic in America. (All of these problems stem from poor nutrition are awful.) Tooth decay, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and many other ailments come from a bad diet. When people go online to find supplements or learn more about health, they are confused with all the conflicting information. That is what really pushed me to make this blog. Finding health without confusion. To short cut all that junk and just get the best products. I don’t want anyone to be confused about what brands to get or what to buy. I just want you to be healthy. And when you’re healthy, you’re happy.

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    Thankfulness to my father who shared with me about this website, this blog is actually amazing. Trescha Jase Champ

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