Proper Vitamin and Mineral dosages


Proper Vitamin and Mineral dosages 

Everyone is different when it comes to vitamin and mineral dosages. It depends on many different characteristics like age, size, diet, and nutritional deficiencies. Those on diets or not getting enough vitamins and minerals from their meals, this article will be most beneficial to you. I want to address the three significant supplements that I see and hear most people overusing or misusing. Despite the characteristics I stated above, you should follow this as a precaution, even if it does not apply to you.



  The first significant supplement is the mineral Zinc. If you are on a well-balanced diet, you should only take about 15-20 milligrams a day. An excess of Zinc in the body can not only mess with your body’s ability to absorb copper but also give you a nasty stomach ache. It would help if you exercise caution when dabbling with high doses of Zinc because you can overdose, and trust me, it’s not pleasant. You can get Zinc from food sources like red meats, whole grains, milk products, baked beans, and nuts (there are more, but I can’t mention every single one). The thing is for vegans or gluten-free people, or any diet restricting the consumption of animal products, Zinc supplements are very beneficial and necessary.


Vitamin D-3

   Most people call it the sunshine vitamin, but let’s get scientific and call it D-3.
The tricky thing about taking vitamin D-3 is your body can regulate the levels of vitamin D from sources like the sun, but not from vitamin D-3 supplements.
Vitamin D toxicity( a less common condition when excessive levels of vitamin D cause calcium buildup in your blood, which can cause a whole host of nasty side effects) usually happens from very high doses of vitamin D supplements. That’s why you HAVE TO BE CAREFUL when taking a vitamin D supplement. So when it comes to dosages, I would recommend somewhere in the 400 to 700 IU range. If you are sick or fighting some illness, I would bump it up to 1100-1400. Also note if you are up north or in a place like Scranton PA, where it’s always cloudy, you will not have the sun as a source. It’s possible to overdo it slowly through time if you don’t watch the combination of vitamin D sources, such as the sun, supplements, and fortified foods.



    Now for a true classic ladies and gentleman, last but not least, THE MAGNIFICENT MINERAL CALCIUM!
You can find calcium in many foods such as dairy products, lots of different veggies, and many beans. Calcium is optimal for healthy bones and a healthy heart. The problem is it’s easy to overdo. Calcium supplements always say stuff like “strengthen bones” and “bone support,” which is true. Still, people don’t realize they are already getting plenty of calcium from their food but try to add extra calcium and devour waaayyy too much. Suppose you are eating well and getting plenty of this mineral. I recommend taking about 400-700 milligrams daily. I generally consume the right amount of calcium from my meals, so I usually stay within this range. One thing to also remember is you should be taking vitamin K2 when you are taking a calcium supplement. Vitamin K2 directs the calcium through your body, preventing a calcium build up in your arteries. To make a long story short, Vitamin K2 plays a significant role in keeping your bones strong and healthy. Overall eating a nutrient-rich, natural diet is vital. But for many of us, we need the extra nutrients. All I ask is to use these and any supplements with the proper use and never overdo it. Always use appropriate caution with, and if you are ever not sure if a supplement is right for you, consult with your doctor before use. Go forth and be healthy. Find Natural Live Healthy.

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